The Same, but Different

It's not often that I end up with pictures of my kids that are virtually the same. When I was looking at these, I couldn't believe how much their personalities come out in these pictures. Both kids love the bath, but in different ways. It is a party time for Connor. He plays big in it. Water goes everywhere and he really enjoys himself. Isla is calm in the bath. She takes the bath toys and makes a mommy, daddy and baby and makes them talk to each other. 

I enjoy looking at the kids personalities and preferences now and wondering how that will translate in the future. Just yesterday, I realized we really do have an "Ian" and a "Jessica" on our hands. Ian was a firstborn and so is Connor. I am a second born (and the oldest in my family is a boy) just like Isla. I'm not sure what Ian was like as a kid, but I often hear from my parents and my aunts that Isla is just like I was as a toddler. Hopefully she picks up on my good qualities though, and not the bad ones. 

Though I like to wonder what my kids will be like as they grow and develop, and even become mom's and dad's themselves, I sure am enjoying the ride. I have really been focusing on being present even more. Trying not to see bath time as a break where I get to play on my phone, but as a break where I can watch my kids be themselves and have some peace because, well, I don't bathe the kids together so they aren't fighting! Hopefully, just as my older brother and I stopped fighting, my kids will as well...I just hope that happens sooner than it did for my brother and I...because we certainly gave my mom a run for her money with all the fighting we did. 

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  1. You can see how calm and serious Isla is in these pictures! She is also such a beauty, not that you didn't know that already.

  2. These are wonderful. Both kids look very calm in the first pics. :)


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