A Life Changing Toddler Hair Tip

We can all agree that Isla has herself a crazy amount of hair for her age. And, well, I have never exactly been great at doing my own hair, so the thought of doing another person's kind of overwhelmed me. But, we were taking it one day at a time and managing. The only problem was, the longer it got, the more she fought me to brush it. Then, one day while perusing Target (actually running toward the register with a non-compliant child in tow...but, you know) something caught my eye...

Suave detangler. This stuff is magic, I tell you. I can use on both dry and wet hair. I don't know how it does it, but I spray it on and magically the brush easily glides through Isla's hair. Like I said, magic. If you have a child of any age who's hair you are still brushing and it is a challenge, I recommend running out and grabbing yourself a bottle of this stuff. You can thank me later. Oh, and I find the apple scent divine, but I know there is another sent as well.

By the way, this post is completely unsponsored. But given that this may have been the best $2 I have ever spent, I thought I should share the love...cause us mom's gotta help each other out, right?!? 

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