I truly feel I was born to be a mom.

I doubted this before I had children. I wasn't sure I would like it much. But it has honestly been the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. A friend was talking to me about finding joy in the little years and I was like, "These years are my joy!!!" Seriously, my babies, my toddlers, my preschoolers are my jam. That's not to say that my blood pressure doesn't shoot up when Isla decides to have public meltdown or that I don't look forward to bedtime. I am human, after all. 

And I am totally losing myself in motherhood. There I said it. Motherhood is totally my identity. Well, not totally. I have a lot of things I dabble in. But motherhood certainly takes the most time. And I am proud of what I am doing. I am tired of people going on and on about not losing yourself in motherhood…which this isn't a debate about if we can be mothers and do other things too, because we can, it's just me talking about my identity as a mother. Let's be honest, my husband spends a heck of a lot of time being an accountant. If he lost that tomorrow and had to change careers, I am sure it would take some time to get his footing. So, when kids fly the coop, of course it takes time for moms to find their footing!!! It took time for me to adjust to life in an office, wearing dress up clothes every day. It took time for me to adjust to serving coffee and dealing with people upset over their coffee (people can be crazy about their coffee!). It took time for me to adjust to living in Scotland. It took time for me to adjust to being back in California.

All I am saying is as mothers we can love what we are doing. We can let it consume us (well, mostly…a break here and there is HIGHLY recommended…then again, breaks are the law for hourly employees…). We don't have to feel ashamed for loving our babies, our kids, so much. I sure as heck don't want my mom to feel ashamed for being all sorts of in love with me…because what's not to love! And I won't feel that way about my kids.

Ok, rant over. Now let me go snuggle with my sleeping child who is sleeping in my bed (yep, I am that mom, the one that lets her kids sleep in bed with her).

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