A Preschooler or a Teenager?

Connor has never really battled me with the whole clothing thing. Sure he would prefer a minion shirt, but for the most part does well. If he gets mad, it lasts all of 17 seconds. But, to be honest, he is the kid that doesn't really throw fits and I can generally talk "off the cliff". Isla is the total and complete opposite of Connor. She had a 45 minute meltdown the other day over a hair bow. A HAIR BOW!!! And it wasn't even that I wouldn't let her wear the bow she wanted. It was that it wouldn't stay in her hair the way she wanted and she didn't want to listen to me on how to make it work. It was drama. Like serious drama. I would like to say that this was a one time thing, but stuff like this happens all the time with her. And it is always related to clothes/shoes/hair. She even has an opinion about her pajamas! Her teacher complained to me about the shoes Isla wore to school the other day. I just smiled and said I wouldn't send her to school in those shoes again. But, I really wanted to tell the teacher how Isla stripped down naked as I was rounding up the kids to leave for school. How she insisted on wearing a princess dress and princess shoes and I wouldn't let her. How I let her pick anything in her wardrobe that she wanted to wear just so we could get to school. So the shoes she picked are a size too big and kept falling off. I was picking and choosing my battles that morning and had already been through a big one. But I didn't say any of that. I just smiled.

So, any moms out there have any advice on getting through this phase? Picking clothes out the night before doesn't work because she changes her mind constantly. She is like a teenager already! And all my relatives just laugh and say I am getting what I dished out as a kid. Thanks…and not helpful at all. Any advice? Or at least an understanding hug?

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