What Can I say, We Love the Rain

I know what you are thinking, "I have never known anyone to document every single time it rains!?" Well, now you know me. Be happy we are in a drought and it doesn't rain that much. Actually don't be happy about the drought. Not only does it truly suck, but if it rained all the time, it may actually get mundane to me and I would stop posting about it every time it happened. Notice I said I would stop posting about it…I didn't say I would stop sending the kids out to play in it or stop taking pictures of them doing so…because, well, I am a rain lover.  

Yesterday it started raining so hard that I hurried the kids to the front door to check it out. Immediately Connor got decked out in his rain gear. It was POURING. The kind where immediately everything is flooding. Even the patio wasn't safe. In the middle of this madness, Connor just slowly walked and watched. After a few minutes, he said he was ready to come inside. He was soaked. Then Isla was ready for some fun. She plays different than Connor. She trudged through the puddles that had so quickly formed in the planters. She took the umbrella and turned it upside down under the overflowing rain gutter. She kicked water. She held her hands in the air and tried to catch it. She stayed out in the rain much longer than Connor…though admittedly, it had slowed down into a normal rain by that point. 

These kids. I love that they are up for an adventure. I love that they don't care if they get soaking wet. I love that they just play, the way they each individually want to play, until they are done. I hope they never lose the love of playing in the rain.

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  1. Love the pictures. Love the sentiment just as much.

    Don't love the jealousy I"m getting of your weather. I just posted about OUR weather today. Yeah...


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