Tulip Picking

It's weird to be in that stage where when you tell your kids you are going to go do something they remember doing it the YEAR before. To be precise, when I told the kids we were going to go pick tulips, Connor remembered playing in the mud last year. With there not having been rain in the past few weeks, I figured it would be totally dry when we got there. But, Connor instantly spotted a rather large mud puddle at the end of the parking lot…more of that later though.

We had the place to ourselves. Isla ran around the flower rows. Connor kept asking when he could play in the mud. I gave him a flower and he danced around for a while. Isla pointed to the flowers she wanted and I picked them. Finally after we were done and the flowers were loaded in the car (along with the camera…which I am sort of kicking myself about now) I let the kids go play in the mud.

They had lots of fun. They walked, they kicked the dirty mud water in the air, they ran. I told them five more minutes. Then three. Then Connor fell. But he recovered well and continued playing. I gave the one minute warning. Then Isla fell. Like bad. She was completely covered in mud. And she was crying because she wasn't happy about the mud. So, back to the car we went. I stripped her down and strapped her in her seat, then stripped Connor down. Connor wanted to know if the police would be mad that they were in the car without clothes on.

We got home and all was made better with baths. My flowers found their way to vases. One on the mantle, one on a table and one in Isla's room. I excitedly showed Isla the one in her room and she asked where the rest of HER flowers were. So I showed her. And she demanded that they all be placed in her room. Silly girl. They are still dispersed throughout the house. They are just too pretty to all be hiding in one room.

You can revisit our trip from last year here. One of the workers remembered us from last year. Made me laugh. I've always wanted to be a regular somewhere, well I guess I am a regular out on the farm! 

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  1. That looks like so much fun! We do strawberry/blueberry/apple picking each year, but I don't even think we have anything like this in Buffalo.


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