A New Adventure

At the end of last week, Ian and I took a quick trip to Carson City, NV to do a training on his new coffee roaster. That big thing Ian is standing next to will be in my kitchen! This is the beginning of a dream that has been the topic of conversation for months in our home. Ian is going to be starting his own little coffee roasting company…Bean Counter Coffee Roasters.

I was excited to go with Ian just to get some time away with him…even if most of it was spent driving. I am glad we went because we actually got to be there when they tested our machine for the first time…and the second and third time too. Then they turned it over to Ian and let him roast two batches. They walked us through cleaning and maintenance and all the what ifs.

^^ Did you know they smell the coffee a bunch of times while it is roasting? And at one point it totally smelled like bread. 

It's fun watching Ian get so excited about this. Watching his friends text him for coffee. Knowing people stand behind him and his dream. My only request was that he not officially launch his coffee roaster until after busy season…because, well, that is keeping him busy enough right now! In the mean time, he will be able to test out the different coffees he wants and pick a couple to use. There is also selecting the packaging, designing the logo, the website, etc…

The roaster should be arriving at our house today or tomorrow and be installed (we need an exhaust put though our roof) later this week. It's starting to feel real. 

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  1. Wow - what a crazy adventure. Cute name says this accountant.

    Also, your hubby and your daughter have the exact same smile!

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  3. What a wonderful adventure !! I always like simple packaging when it comes to coffee (not that I drink the stuff haha) like Tom's coffee. Best of luck to you guys on this exciting new adventure in your life!

  4. That's so exciting!! All the best guys, love Naseem x


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