Preserving Memories

While cleaning up this past weekend, I went through and threw away most of Connor's artwork from preschool last year. He generally comes home with one to two pieces of artwork each time, so we had amassed quite the collection. As my kids are growing, I am struggling with what exactly is important to keep and preserve and what really will never be looked at again. 

I made Connor a photo book of all the school related pictures I took of him last year. Most involve him holding artwork he made. Some have stories that go along with them, and I was sure to include that in the book. I also included a bunch of pictures of the artwork he made. At the back of the book, I decided to tape in an envelope to store some things that I wanted to keep from that year, a mother's day card he made for me at school, his "graduation" program, etc. And, except for a few pieces of artwork that I am keeping for myself, the rest has gone in the trash. 

I struggle with figuring out the line between preserving memories for the kids (and me!) to look back on and keeping absolutely everything they have touched. I know I don't want to keep much because I know that then what I do keep will be that much more special. 

I'm curious, how do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of?

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  1. Wow - that is VERY impressive. We originally thought we were going to save all our kids' artwork or scan it, but most go in the trash after their stint on the fridge.

    This is great. I don't know if I have the time to do this, but I'm positive Connor is going to love this when he gets older.


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