Swim Lessons

^^ My presence doesn't distract him at all ;)

The kids started swim lessons this week. The teacher comes to our house, which is so nice. She does Connor and Isla together, then Callum by himself. Connor has proved himself to be quite the willing participant and is facing a fear that has kept him from swimming well for years. I am very proud of him. She said she will have him swimming and jumping in the deep end by the time she is done.

Isla on the other hand is, well, Isla. Her personality comes shining out in every situation. Meaning, she tries to reason with the teacher and tell her exactly why she simply will not do, like not even try, what the teacher wants her to do. For instance, she currently has a loose tooth and this keeps her from putting her head under water, because what if her tooth falls out under water. I can't make this stuff up folks! The teacher has done a great job pushing her, which is nice, given in the past we had a teacher just give up and not try with her anymore.

Callum, well this guy gets an A for his happy, excited attitude toward swim lessons. He yells at me to look at whatever he is supposed to be doing - "Look! Scoops" "Look! kicks" - while also stopping what he is supposed to be doing because he is distracted yelling at me. Haha! But I promise it is super cute. The teacher's goal with Callum is to get him to the point that if he falls in the pool accidentally he can get himself to the steps.

I'm excited to see where the kids get to by the end. We have done swim lessons many times and not really gotten anywhere. But this year seems like it will definitely be the year for Connor and that makes me super happy. Plus, swim lessons wear Callum out and he goes down for his nap super easy and sleeps extra long. Talk about an unintended bonus!

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