Fourth of July

Like 99% of America, we celebrated the 4th of July with food and family. I actually started off the day with breakfast with my best friend. Someone pointed out they thought this was weird, as it was a holiday. I thought, hmmm....a holiday, people around to babysit my kids AND my best friend is off work (she's a nurse, so the days off are random). I thought it was brilliant. But, whatever. In the afternoon, my inlaws took the kids to a carnival while Ian and I had the genius idea of running errands. Every single place we went was dead. It was amazing. In the evening, my family came over for fireworks. We started early with the idea of getting the kids to bed at a decent time. BUT, Connor and my dad bought way too many fireworks. Plus, Connor and Isla insisted on waiting until it was completely dark for the grand finale. Callum didn't make it until the end because he was just too tired.  It was a fun evening for all. 

^^ We must really trust our unpredictable toddler, allowing him to hold a sparkler by himself and all. 

^^ Just before a loud firework scared the heck out of him.

^^ Now wearing headphones and giving two thumbs up that he is ok. Even still, there would be times he would take our hands and have us hold them over the headphones. Apparently we need more pairs of the legit ear noise covers like Isla is wearing. 

^^ He was a little hesitant, so always holding on to someone or in someone's lap. 

Connor and Isla actually complained that it wasn't dark enough for the grand finale. It was literally completely dark except for the street lights, but whatever kids. Isla's finale went first, then Connor's. Isla was offended that more people said "wow" about Connor's finale than her's. I wish I was making this up, but I literally can't make this kind of stuff up. It really bothered her. Oh kids. 

Connor and Isla actually wanted to keep the party going after fireworks, but at this point it was headed toward 10pm and this mama wanted to put on her pjs and relax in her own bed, so shooed the kids off to bed as well. 

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