Scotland according to Callum

Callum has a unique view on our vacation given that, well, he really could care less if we are travelling and seeing new things or not. Also because he is stroller bound so often from all the walking...miles and miles of walking every single day. But he has been a trooper. He has taken to stroller naps like he did them all the time. And food is his go to anywhere we go. The kid can sniff out ice cream. And, no joke, ice cream is everywhere in Edinburgh. Like practically every corner. Even my mom was blown away by how it is just everywhere. 

Besides eating ice cream, some of Callum's other highlights have been running free when we are in open spaces, chasing pigeons, jumping on beds every chance he gets, and standing directly in front of the tv watching the baby channel. He also really likes the tram. He claims to always want to ride the bus, yet gets antsy on it mere seconds after we get on. I must also not forget his love of saying hi to everyone. It can be when we are walking around or even on public transportation. It's pretty dang cute.

^^ Callum actually says "monkeys jump on bed" while jumping on the bed, haha! But the no monkeys jumping on the bed book is one of his favorite and he asks to have it read to him every day, so that is really no surprise.

^^ Getting his veggies in with a piece of carrot cake ;)

Oh yeah, the shower at the flat we stayed in was also a favorite of Callum's. The doors opened in the middle and he had so much fun opening and closing them over and over and over again while showering. Also, the doors got nice and steamy and he loved drawing in all the steam.

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