Edinburgh Castle

I had these grand ideas that I was going to write all these blog posts about all the things we are doing on our vacation. But something about it staying light out until almost 11pm and it being vacation, seems to keep the kids up extra late. By the time they are in bed, I seem pretty much ready to head to bed myself. Soon though...maybe soon I will get it all posted. 

We went to Edinburgh Castle on Tuesday. Connor really wanted to go, so it was one of the first things we did when we arrived. The castle is huge and there is so much to see and do inside. When we went in, they gave the kids these quizzes and told them if they got all the questions correct, they got a prize. Connor quickly lost interest, but Isla was super into it the whole time, which actually surprised me. Anyway, spoiler alert, the prize was a sticker. Sort of lame. But I guess since the quiz kept Isla engaged the whole time I would consider it a win. 

You really can't beat the views from the castle. They are stunning. You can see in every direction for miles and miles and miles. And it helped that we were there on such a beautiful day. On the way out, we hit up the gift shop. This was probably the most important part to my kids. No joke, they are obsessed with gift shops. We have given them a little money each week they get to spend on whatever. Connor blew all his right away. Isla has slowly bought tiny things each places we have gone...a pen at Edinburgh Castle was her choice. The boys walked away with knight beanies and swords. The swords quickly became dangerous. Callum was hitting at everyone from the confines of his stroller. And given the streets are so crowded, we had to take the sword away. But I have been hit by Callum more times than I care to admit while sitting there not paying attention at our flat. 

^^ Isla put her sticker on her quiz. It's on the bottom right.

^^ Just photographic proof that I too am on this trip

After we left the castle we wound down the hill to an ice cream shop I had heard about. It had a line out the door and down the block. But we waited and it ended up being SO WORTH IT. They make their ice cream fresh every morning and are open until they sell out. I got salted caramel and I still keep thinking about when we can go back for more. 

After ice cream, all our legs were tired out and Ian managed to get the bus driver to let us on the bus with our expired passes (it was the touristy hop on, hop off bus we rode the day before)...all he had to do was ask. That was pretty dang convenient. We walked 21,000 steps that day. And honestly the kids have been troopers about all the walking. So the free bus ride was definitely greatly appreciated. 

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