This is how we all felt after getting to our airbnb in Scotland after 25 hours of travel. Yes, you read that correctly, it was 25 hours from the time we left our house until the time we got to our airbnb. And the reality is, we were all relieved we finally arrived and were flat out exhausted. Never again will we be that stupid. Saving money sometimes kills everyone. But we still could have saved money and spent a night in London and it would have been easier on everyone. Hindsight is 20/20. The time waiting for the train and taking the train to Scotland is when things started going downhill. After being up 23 hours without sleep, one of our children started throwing up all over the train (yes, truly all, wall, floor, self) out of pure exhaustion. Thankfully, we all slept amazingly well our first night. Said exhausted child slept for 18 hours and the other two and Ian and I slept for 15.

The 8 hour time change has gone remarkably well and we instantly were able to start doing stuff, after our extremely long sleep. That first day we wondered around the city and played in a park. There will be plenty more posts to come of all we are doing.

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