The Edinburgh Zoo

The Edinburgh Zoo was the last sort of big thing we did in Edinburgh. I actually went several years ago with my mom. It was pouring down rain that day and I really, really wanted to see the penguin parade. I was just as excited to see the penguin parade this time, but it was insanely crowded. We still managed though...even if the kids didn't get nearly as excited about penguins walking RIGHT IN FRONT OF THEM as I thought they would. 

Honestly, the highlight of the zoo for the kids was the playground...and the gift shop probably came in second. But they played at the playground two different times. Isla instantly made friends with some other girls and the kids were bummed when we made them move on. Lunch was also a highlight. Isla actually asked if we could come back just to eat again! But that was just because they had "mcdonald fries" (her words) instead of the large hand cut type that are all over the UK. Isla was so impressed with the fries, she even told our friends about the fries when we got together with them the next day. 

The low of the zoo was our practically brand new stroller breaking in the middle of the zoo. I bought the stupid thing for the trip. The company then told us it was compromised when we flew with it. Yeah, whatever!!! We had our last stroller over 8 years and it flew more times than I can count and never a problem. Oh well. I'm over it...sort of. 

Also, mine and Ian's phones are full of photos Isla has taken when we are out and about on our trip. Things like plants and animals she seems to love to photograph. It's really cute. I brought her instax camera with us for the trip, but she hasn't been as into taking pictures with it as I thought. She has expressed frustration with the pictures not turning out well a lot. Which is true. Often they are way too bright. I even tried looking online for tips, but they didn't seem to help. Who knows. 

So there you have it. The end of our two weeks in Edinburgh. In case you missed anything, we went to the Edinburgh Castle, Stirling Castle, did some random things around Edinburgh, went to the Falkirk Wheel, and according to Callum, ate a lot. We also managed to see some friends, go out on two dates, as well as take both Connor and Isla out separately with the two of us. Then there was all of the ice cream eating and coffee shop visits too. It was a really good two weeks. 

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