The Falkirk Wheel

Remember when I said I would work to keep up with my trip while gone? Yeah, that’s gone well. Let’s go back more than a week ago to Saturday the 14th. We took a 25 minute train ride out of Edinburgh to visit the Falkirk Wheel. This thing is fascinating to me for so many reasons. The huge contraption itself is crazy, then there is the fact that it wasn’t built as a tourist attraction (which it since has become) and was just meant to help revitalize the country’s canal system. Basically they made this crazy contraption that moves boats from one level to the next in under 5 minutes to replace the 33 locks that boats used to have to go through...imagine how long that took!!!

Since I read about the activities at the wheel ahead of time, I brought along the kids swimsuits and they were able to play in the splash pad. We also took the boat ride up and down the wheel. It was pretty crazy being in it, as you couldn’t really tell you were moving if you were just looking out. Also, it must be noted I freaked out a bit when we were going in the wheel at the top. Mostly because I wondered what would happen if we hit the front barrier and it failed...eek! I generally don’t think of myself as a fearful person, then I get in situations like that one and realize I totally can be freaked out. Oh well. It was totally worth the momentary freak out for the experience.

^^ This kid was jumping all over in super shallow water...not the smartest. But he lived.

^^ Ian got in on the water moving run on the wheel and it takes water from the bottom to the top. 

Now to get caught up on the thirty-two other things we've done since...soon, very soon. I really want to remember it all. Or most of it, at least.

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