Baby #4

Alternatively titled - A fourth baby?!?

I feel like our announcement of a fourth child has been met with "welcome to the club!", genuine excitement, or people scratching their heads with their mouth's wide open. My favorite just might be people saying, "Good luck...I can barely handle my (insert any number less than four here)." Reminds me of that article from a few years ago about how we can all only handle the number of kids we have right NOW. I tried finding it, to no avail. But the point was, we are all tapped at the number of kids we currently have. Also, when googling to find this article, I came across an article that said three is the most stressful number of kids. I'm so excited to watch my stress level drop. Sense the sarcasm. 

But, a baby! We are super excited. I was kind of thinking it may not happen, but then it did. And I am excited. Cautiously excited because I just get paranoid in pregnancy. I'm sitting on my hands to keep myself from buying anything before 20 weeks. Just because we really have nowhere to store extra stuff...well, there is our back house, but that is a "pregnancy project" because we need to get that ready for guests that are willing to come help with ALL OUR CHILDREN. Haha! But seriously, you want to come help?! I'll have a place for you to stay!

In case you are in to all the details, let me get there. My official due date is February 16th. I am currently 14 1/2 weeks along. I didn't have much morning sickness, but I did (and still have) a horrible gag reflux. Bad smells make me dry heave, along with things touching my neck and brushing my teeth. My belly began to appear before the pregnancy test was even dry. I kid, but it did certainly come quick. It started while on vacation and seems to have grown much bigger over the past week or so. I pulled out my old maternity clothes over the weekend, but don't quite feel ready for the ruched sides that come with maternity tops. I'm thinking I may need to embrace it very soon though!

Aww, I am so excited. Isla really, really wants a sister. Connor wants a brother. And Callum, well, he says it's a girl. But I don't think he even realizes there is a baby in my belly, even though we tell him often. In just under seven months, we shall see what this sweet one is!

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