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We did a lot in our time in London. A LOT. Much more than the kids would have liked to do. I think all of us were thoroughly exhausted after our week in London. Besides what these pictures show (and what I have/am posted about separately), we went to the Tower of London, went to the Portobello Road market, took a boat ride on the Thames, walked around Covent Garden, went to breakfast at a fancy restaurant high up in the air (Duck & Waffle) and visited with friends. Not to forget all the coffee shops we went to ;)

The thing I have to say about London is everything is really spread out. Think miles apart. And the kids are only willing to go so far before they are just done. Sure, there is great public transportation. But all the steps in and out of those underground stations don't help with the kids. Plus, my kids seem to refuse to sit next to strangers on public transportation, then find it fun to not hold on and let themselves slam into other people as the train slows down and speeds up. Also, London was in the middle of a heat wave while we were there. And it's not just heat. There is also humidity. And literally NOWHERE has air conditioning. So, it was a busy and a HOT week. London just isn't a super easy place to get around with young children. Nowhere as easy, and as refreshingly cool, as Edinburgh. But I might just be biased in my love of Edinburgh. So, yeah. 

Kensington Palace:

I had never been inside of Kensington Palace, so was excited for the tour. I was even more excited to hear they had an exhibit of Diana's dresses on display while we were there. Anyone who knows me from my youth, knows my love for Princess Diana. So that was really cool for me. And I loved that Isla was super into looking at all the dresses. It made it all the more special and fun for me. It was also fun to see some of the outfits I remember seeing her in photos in. Dresses like the one she wore when dancing with John Travolta and the outfit she wore when working with landmine victims. The rest of the part of the palace you could tour was more historical. It was still neat to look at, but not as captivating to me as the Diana exhibit. 

^^ A little phone picture curtesy of Connor

Princess Diana Memorial Park:

We took the kids to this park when we were in London four years ago, so knew it was cool and knew we wanted to go again. It was a nice stop for the kids to unwind and get some of their wiggles out. This park is huge and has so many different play areas in it that are basically hidden from each other with bushes and the such. Not the best for keeping your kids in direct eye sight, but also super cool compared to a normal ole flat lay park. And, there was water play. I was unprepared for that. But all was fine...I just bought Callum a new shirt at our next destination...haha! His water soaked and sand covered one just wasn't going to cut it for the rest of the day.

London Transport Museum:

We actually loved this museum so much, we went twice! If you bought a day, you could get a year long pass for free. Most of the actual museum parts weren't cool for the kids, well some of it was good for Connor. But the play areas were amazing. Connor enjoyed "driving" and underground train. There was even a sound system for making announcements on the fake train! Callum enjoyed "repairing" the train. Isla enjoyed "driving" a taxi...well, all the kids enjoyed that one. It was complete with a play meter and everything. On our second visit there, Connor and Isla got to do an engineering  class where they built cars. They both really enjoyed it. 

In case you missed it, I also posted about our visit to the London Eye and the Harry Potter Studio Tour...which was one of my favorite things of the entire trip. I still have a little more to share on London before moving on to Copenhagen. Apparently when one is gone for four weeks, one does a lot of things!

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