First Day of School

The kids started school on Monday. There wasn't much pomp and circumstance surrounding the event. Connor wasn't too excited about going back and didn't care what he wore on the first day. Isla was excited to go back and carefully chose a dress she picked out when we were in London. She tried to wear heels to school, but I vetoed those. Given Isla was moving up from half to full days, I went over her lunchbox with her. I told her what she could take out as a snack and to make sure to reclose her lunchbox after doing so (her backpack sits out in the full sun and I wanted to make sure her lunch stays fresh). Well, it turns out I didn't need to worry too much because the girlfriend didn't eat any lunch! I was told by a yard duty that she kept asking when she could go play, as they have to sit/eat for 10 minutes before they can go play. I told her she should at least eat something given she has to sit there, so on day two she did eat.

Ian went with Isla to her class when the bell rang and I went with Connor. Ian was barely in Isla's class, as he said the teacher was trying to get the parents to leave. Connor's teacher, on the other hand, invited all the parents in for a while. She had each kid introduce themselves, then their parents. She talked to the parents for a bit, then allowed for parents to take pictures of their kids at their desks and with her. Given I am a sucker for warm fuzzy teachers, I am totally digging Connor's teacher. I mean, she even did yoga with the class on the first day!!!

It has been a bit of a weird adjustment, not having Isla come home before lunch. Those couple hours were always my alone time with her, as Callum naps. I miss having her around, but know I will get used to my new normal. But seriously, it feels a bit too easy only being home with Callum.

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