High Tea in London

My mother in law and sister in law really wanted to do a high tea in London. Their thought was a tea with all the women in the family, but they weren't arranging it, so I looked into a kid friendly tea we could all do together. This high tea did not disappoint. It was an "old sweets shop" theme, and I would beg to say there were actually too many sweets...though my kids may argue with me on that one. 

All the kids were offered milkshakes or tea. All chose milkshakes, with Isla wanting to try some of my tea after it came. The kids were actually also each handed their own plates full of kid friendly sandwiches (think cheese, ham, pb&j) and a bunch of sweets. The adults got to feast on these three tiered plates in the middle. We actually all got so full, we came nowhere near eating all the food on the table. Side note, scones with clotted cream and jam are literally my jam. See what I did there?! But seriously, I ate them all the time when we lived in Scotland, so was basically in heaven engorging myself with them at the tea.

Then, when all was done, they brought each kid a goody bag (stuffed bear, coloring book, sticker book, crayons) AND each kid got to pick candy from the candy bar to take home! It was a little over the top, but honestly, I also think the over the topness is what also made it a super fun experience. 

I would label this as another highlight of the trip. Super fun (and filling!). Something the kids and adults (well, at least me) enjoyed. Definitely something I would do again, if we went back to London with the kids. 

^^ Callum got and quickly finished (like was the FIRST kid done) a full size milkshake. I wasn't sure whether I should be proud or fearful of the sugar high and crash to come.

In case you missed it, here are some other posts from our time in London - the London Eye, random things around London, and the Harry Potter Studio Tour...which was one of my favorite things of the entire trip. 

Eventually I will be done posting all the things from our trip. But now that I am sprinkling in some real life, in the moment posts, it may take a bit longer. 

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