24 Weeks

We are going to pretend for a moment that I am not halfway through my 25th week because this is the last picture I took. It's hard to keep up with these updates with three kids already apparently. I also miss our wood fence in our old backyard that made the perfect and easy backdrop for any photo. Anyway, here's me at 24 weeks. 

24 weeks. 6(ish) months. Viability. 

I always feel like I can breathe a little easier when I make it to 24 weeks. That's when most medical facilities are willing to perform life saving procedures should a baby be born. Sure, I've never gone into labor early or had any issues that would make me have to deliver early, but this is still always a milestone that I am happy to hit. 

I have been feeling good and feel like I am even getting some energy back. I'm not going to sleep as early every night and haven't been feeling the urge to take naps every day anymore either. Bending over is starting to be uncomfortable sometimes. I think it has to do with the position of the baby because most of the times it is fine, but other times it is downright painful. My gag reflux is still alive and well. I will be happy when this is gone. I still struggle brushing my teeth and anything touching my neck sets me off. 

I am starting to feel the urge to nest and get things ready for the baby. I started thinking about where I should organize the uber adorable and small newborn clothes. For now I am thinking I will set up a little changing area on a dresser we have in our closet. It's the same dresser we used for Callum when he was a baby and the perfect size to hold just the essentials. I've bought a couple things for the baby that I wanted as I have managed to find them secondhand for a price I was willing to pay. I got a mini crib for our room (as no one is wanting to move to the bedroom downstairs and I am not wanting to go up and down the stairs in the middle of the night to tend to a newborn and I figure it can just sleep in our room for the first while anyway), a swing and a diaper bag. 

We still have yet to discuss names and I haven't really done much research or even made up a list of names I like to discuss. I guess we should get on that one soon..ish! 

I had my anatomy scan at 22.5 weeks. I'm guessing all is well since I never heard back and was told to expect that "no news is good news". But I have a check up this week and I am sure they will tell me all is well or whatever. At the scan, the baby was pretty dang uncooperative. It took a really long time, them having me get up and move around and them trying me in different positions on the table to get all the pictures they needed. But we got to see the profile of the baby, see all its fingers and toes and even see its mouth moving. The mouth moving was pretty dang fun to watch. 

It's hard to believe that I am getting pretty close to my third trimester. Things really are moving along pretty quick! 

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