28 Weeks

I am actually doing good posting this, this time. I am still in my 28th week, even if at the end. 

I don't feel like I have anything too exciting to report. Things are just humming along around here. I am measuring right on schedule. I am still feeling fine, though don't like bending over much anymore.  I am still having that dang gag reflux and can't wait for that one to go away. I also have something that Ian and I jokingly call IBS - itchy back syndrome. My back seems to itch all the time, especially if I am leaning up against anything, like a chair or in bed. I am mostly avoiding chicken, as it doesn't sound good to me. This happened in my other pregnancies as well, but it isn't as strong of an aversion as it was in the past. 

I am getting the urge to prepare for baby. I got out all the gender neutral baby clothes and washed them this week. I actually have way less than I remember. It's mostly white onesies. But I am guessing that is because I have some newborn boy and girl stuff I kept, but I haven't gone looking for that yet. I've started a mental list of things I would like to get for the baby before it arrives. Most of it is frivolous and unnecessary, but still stuff I would like. But I do need the obvious and necessary too, like those teeny tiny newborn diapers and such. I want to make a mobile for over the crib. I think I am going to repurpose the one I made for Callum when I was pregnant with him. I still really like it, but the older kids broke it a while ago, pulling on it. I think I am going to hang it in a circle this time. 

That's about all the excitement for this update that I've got for you. Well, unless you care to know that I passed my glucose test with flying colors, so I don't have to stop raiding the kids halloween candy stash anytime soon. Or that my appointments are now 4 weeks apart, instead of 6. And I am supposed to fill out and return my birth plan at my next appointment. My plan is to just write in huge letters across it, "All I want is a nice nurse!" Seriously, a good nurse makes all the difference! But, no more ultrasounds or anything exciting like that for me. Just waiting and letting this little one grow. 

In case you want to compare, here I am at 28 weeks pregnant with Callum, at 28 weeks with Isla, and 27 weeks pregnant with Connor. My belly with Connor was definitely smaller than with the others! 

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