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We live in a three bedroom house. So no matter how things land, someone will be sharing a room. For many reasons, I like the idea of kids sharing a room. In fact, I was actually toying with the idea of putting Connor and Isla in a room together when I found out I was pregnant. I was so serious about it, I had actually already combined all their clothes together in Isla's room and had rearranged her room so Connor's bed and toys would fit in as well. I was toying with the idea because I had heard that a shared room really helps for sibling relationships and at the time I was really tired of all the fighting. There still is fighting, but the two of them have really turned a corner and actually play much better together. Anyway, back to the baby. Ian threw out the idea of still putting the kids together and giving the baby it's own room. But I really felt that eventually this baby will land up with either Connor or Isla (depending on what it is) and didn't want to constantly be redoing and rearranging bedrooms in our house. Plus, with me nursing, I realize the baby will be in our room most of the time anyway. So, I decided to just make room for baby in our room.

We don't have a large room by any means and with this being our third, I have been doing things simple anyway. I went with colors that would already match our room. In fact, the crib sheet and changing pad cover match our comforter so well that someone thought I bought them together. But I didn't. Our comforter was purchased at Target back when we upgraded to a king size bed and the baby's stuff is from Land of Nod. The dresser my mom picked up on the side of the road and I painted grey and added the mismatched nobs. The mobile I actually saw on etsy, but couldn't bear the thought of paying that much, so made it myself. It took a lot more time than I expected, but I really like how it turned out. Everything else hanging on the walls was sourced from other parts of my house. And pretty much all the newborn clothes that fill the baby's drawers are things I kept from Connor and Isla. I have had an itch to shop, but really am going to wait until the baby comes and I know what it is…of course, then I will be overwhelmed with a newborn and two other kids, so it still may be a bit before I do some damage ;)

That's really it. Simplicity really is key this third time around.

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