An Interview With Connor {6 years}

I didn't expect this, but I really had to keep at it with trying to get answers to these questions from Connor. He would answer "I don't know" to almost everything. And, a couple of the 
questions I asked numerous times and finally just gave up because I couldn't get a response. Maybe this is a preview of the teen years…eek! Anyway, here's Connor at six years old from the perspective of Connor. 

What's your full name? Connor Thomas Booth Grimbleby
How old are you? 6
How tall are you? I don't know
What color are your eyes? blue
What color is your hair? Let me go look in the mirror…brown
What day of the week is it? Saturday, my birthday

What is your favorite…
     color - blue
     food - candy
     drink - apple juice
     ice cream - blue raspberry
     toy - my skeleton (a decoration from halloween)
     book - I don't really have one favorite, I have lots of favorites. Like my outer space books.
     song - Welcome to New York and Day One
     show - I'm not going to tell you (I tried asking three different times)
     thing to do - Go to Rockin Jump
     game - minion operation
     sport - tball
     animal - bird

Who is your best friend? Nixon
What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Three things that make you special:
     1. I was born in Scotland
     2. My name starts with the letter C
     3. That I lost two teeth before sissy

What makes you happy? When I get what I want
What makes you sad? When I have to go into time out

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