Nesting is one of those funny things. We aren't doing a nursery this time. I decided to just set up for baby in a corner in our bedroom. And I haven't done all that much…I will show what I have done later, but would really like to get on making that mobile that I bought all the supplies to make first. But, back to nesting. I find myself focusing on and doing things that don't have to get done, but consume my thoughts. Things like organizing the playroom, getting rid of old toys. Trying to clean the rugs…I say trying because I pulled out our steam cleaner from the garage and can't get it to work…grrr. Going through cabinets and purging things. Oh, the constant purging. I had a garage sale at the beginning of October and have already made a couple trips to drop stuff off at our local thrift store since. I seem to be ruthless lately and just want to get it all. 

Instead of spending my time doing things I actually should be doing to prepare for this babe, I spend my time researching baby milestone cards and baby carriers. Like I said, nesting is a weird thing. I wouldn't give it up for the world, because, well it gives me the drive to focus on some of the most random areas and things in my home. But I could use a little drive to focus on getting a little more in order for the baby before it comes. Maybe I should make a list. Lists have been my friend lately.

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