Connor {6 years}

I feel like the last year has seen so much change in Connor. Kind of like how drastic the first year of life is. He really has taken off over the past year and the change has been enormous. He is just so much more independent. Connor's love of learning is huge. Even his teacher noted this to us. He really does have a thirst for knowledge and constantly asks questions that I really just don't know the answer to. The amount of knowledge he has is huge and very soon we will no longer be able to spell things out in front of him. 

Some of Connor's favorites include his legos, playing dress up and really anything that has to do with the solar system. He has developed a love of Curious George ever since he came home with us for a weekend. He has gotten really into nonfiction books and asks me all the time for books that aren't "made up"…like I said, a thirst for knowledge. He plays school almost every day with Isla and if Isla won't participate, Ian or I are his students. Connor still has a sweet tooth like no other and will always choose junk food over other food. But he also loves pears, yogurt, all things made with (yellow) cheese and ramen noodles. 

Connor still likes someone to lay with him at night when he goes to bed. But, more often than not, he stays in his own bed these days. And this kid will wake with the sun…actually, because of the shorter days, he will wake before the sun. Sometimes I can convince him to go back to sleep, other times not. I really think it has to do with him waking from Ian's alarm (at 4:40am) and not going back to sleep…awesome. But, he has gotten really good at quietly playing in his room, if I can't convince him to go back to sleep. 

Connor is so incredibly social. He is the complete opposite of me. His ideal day would be surrounded by friends every waking hour. I feel like because of this, he has gotten real good at playing with Isla. They fight less and play much more together these days, which is really nice. Outside of Isla, he has started this thing about only playing with boys and not girls…he actually will play with girls, but will tell me that he only wants to play with boys. Not sure what it's about, but it's funny to watch these things just develop in kids. 

I am so proud of this kid. He is so incredibly energetic, yet is such a rule follower (for rules other than his parents make!). He is so social and friendly. And his thirst for knowledge is incredible. I am so enjoying watching him grow up and seeing the person he is becoming. 

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