What makes you happy, makes me happy

It's funny how things my kids look forward to become things I look forward to. From the first week of school, Connor wanted to bring Curious George home. The day that finally happened, he was so happy and so was I. I knew how much he was looking forward to that. The same thing happened with the "c" vest. Each kid gets a letter vest to decorate with things corresponding with that letter. Ever since Connor found this out, he has wanted the "c" vest, just like his name. Now, there are a handful of kids in his class with names that start with a c, so I didn't know the likelihood that he would get it. So, when he came home with it a week ago, I was overjoyed for him. When it comes down to it, it really is the little things in life. And anything that brings a smile to my kids faces, brings a smile to mine.

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