37 Weeks

I'm nearing the end of this pregnancy and kind of can't believe it. Just within the past few days, my body is starting to scream for me to slow down. When I overdue it, which I have now done two days in the past week, I am greeted with nonstop braxton hicks contractions all evening, making for a super pleasant evening. The problem with needing to slow down is, I have also recently realized I need to actually prepare for the very soon arrival of this little babe. I have finally gotten my butt into gear. I am making lists. Figuring out what truly needs to be done. And what truly still needs to be bought. I am thinking about packing a bag for the hospital. And cleaning out my car so I can install the car seat. I made Ian go test drive bigger vehicles with me this weekend so we can make the decision on a bigger car…but that won't happen until after the baby comes, so I still need to make room in my car for now.

The kids got to see the baby put on a show for them the other day and they both were completely fascinated watching my belly move in all sorts of directions. Isla generally has been uninterested in feeling the baby move and now seems to think she can feel it on demand whenever she wants. Both kids have come up with plenty of names for the baby. Connor said to me, "Wouldn't it be cool if we named the baby R2D2 or storm trooper or skywalker, mom?!" He also suggested his teacher's name and half the kids in his class's names. And he has suggested numerous times that we should name it Connor, just like him.

As I've dealt with a couple serious bouts of braxton hicks, that did a great job of lighting the fire under me to get things done, I also really want/need the baby to stay cooking a little while longer. I am pretty sure I never pleaded with my other children to stay in just a bit longer. But this time, this time I really need it. We have just had so much going on and continue to have stuff until just after Thanksgiving. So, come November 29th the baby can arrive. Actually, I would probably like a day of rest, so the 30th would be perfect ;) But, I am also keeping the mindset that I could go past my due date, just like I did with both Connor and Isla.

At my doctor's appointment the other day, she told me this baby is sizing up a bit on the small size and if it continues to grow as it has, she estimates it being around 6 1/2 pounds at birth. This made me pretty happy. I remember when I was in labor with Isla and the midwife was feeling my belly. She was telling me how it was a good sized baby in there and I was like, "No, I would really like a smaller one." and she told me no such luck. So maybe I will have such luck this time.

After all this rambling, which is really for me to be able to look back on and remember how things were, I really don't care when the baby comes. Plans can be changed, though it would suck to miss Connor's first school performance. Things can be bought while I am holed up in the hospital giving birth…or I could go out in the next day or two and actually buy them. I am just excited for the arrival of this little one. I am excited for Connor and Isla to see the babe they have talked so much about (and I guess see the reality of what a baby in the house is like!). I am excited for Ian and I to lay eyes on this baby and decide on a name for it. I am excited for squishy newborn cuddles. And those sweet little cries that only a newborn can make, you know, the ones before they find their voice. I am just excited for it all.

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  1. Hey lady - I kinda let go of the blogging world (wah!), but I had to come back and check up on you because I"ve been thinking of you. I'm going to see if I can find you on fb because I can't go without updates on Connor, Isla and baby #3 (a boy is my guess).


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