Connor {5 years}

Weight: 40lbs, 8oz
Height: 44.75 inches

I was thinking about how I would describe Connor to someone that had never met him. The kid is full of life. He has crazy amounts of energy. And, as my brother learned first hand last weekend, he literally doesn't stop moving until he falls asleep. Connor LOVES being around other kids. In fact, he is disappointed if we go somewhere and there aren't other kids for him to play with. He ie fiercely independent, yet when it is time for bed, he still wants someone to lay with him until he goes to sleep. 

Some of Connor's current favorites include egg nog (a boy after my own heart!), milk, icees, yogurt, mac & cheese and cinnamon apples. Connor would try to live off junk food alone if his mean mom would let him! Connor will still pick a minion shirt out every day, if I let him. Connor still really enjoys The Berenstain Bears books and still will calm down and let me read to him. In fact, he asks to be read to at bed time. Connor's current favorite tv show is Jake and the Neverland Pirates. Despicable Me 2 is his current favorite movie. It was The Lego Movie, then he switched back to Despicable Me 2.  

Connor has a very intricate and detail oriented mind. He always wants to know how things work. And he doesn't just want a simple answer. He wants the nitty gritty of exactly how the power moves through the power cords. Often times, I find myself having to tell him that I don't know the answer to the detailed question he is asking. Of course, then he wants to know why I don't know the answer! 

Connor really seems to be having a thirst for learning to read. He now knows that you read from left to right...and I think this has also helped him stay sharp on his rights and lefts ;) He always wants me to tell him what things say and he likes me to sound out the words for him as he points to them. 

Connor still sneaks into our bed every night and cuddles up close against me. Given that I did this for yeeeaaars, I don't expect it to stop anytime soon. Most mornings he wakes before me and goes and finds Ian to give him breakfast. Then, as soon as Ian needs to leave for work, he pounces on top of me and tells me to get I said, he is full of energy.  

I don't know what I have a harder time wrapping my head around, the fact that Connor is five or the fact that I have been a mom for five years! So much of this parenting gig seems like it just happened yesterday, yet so many of the details are already fuzzy. I'm thankful for this boy of mine. Thankful for the noise, joy and laughter he brings to our home. 

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