The San Francisco Zoo

Three friends and I took our TEN kids, all five and under, to the San Francisco Zoo on Tuesday. Yeah, not all ten are in that above picture...which, notice Connor totally checking out the bear's nose. We managed to squish into two vehicles and hit the road. 

I asked the kids ahead of time what they wanted to see. Connor wanted to see the penguins and Isla wanted to see the giraffes. Thankfully, both kids got their wishes. Connor has been talking ever since about how these penguins "like the sun. They aren't snow penguins." I'm glad that he was so into them and that he enjoyed seeing them. Isla, in all honesty, was pretty into the map. At one point, she lost it and totally started bawling. Thankfully another mom handed over her map and all was right with the world again. The other big highlight for the kids was the petting zoo. I really didn't think Connor would be as into it as he was. He wanted to pet the animals over and over and would talk to them. It was really quite cute. As for Isla, I was just super concerned she was going to end up in the duck pond because she wanted to pet a duck. She didn't end up in the water and she never did get to pet a duck. 

It was a fun day at the zoo...because everything really is better with friends.

^^ I told you Isla really liked her map! 

^^ Connor watching his beloved penguins 

^^ You know, just chilling with a goat (is that what that thing is?)

The way home was a different story...filled with traffic, vomit and a car break down. But, we all survived, so you know. And one of the mom's ended up fixing the car...when a random guy that tried to help couldn't. Talk about #mompower!  

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  1. Glad you had fun at the zoo. That first picture has me in stitches!

    1. And by first picture, I clearly mean the second picture.


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