A Morning of Parties

Both Connor and Isla had their school thanksgiving parties on Wednesday. Thankfully, the school timed them so all three of us parents with kids in both age groups could attend both parties. And Isla's teachers kept her and the other two girls in her class while us parents ran to the older kids party. I have to admit, it was really nice being able to focus on each kid individually. 

First up, Isla's party.  

I have never seen kids so excited to see their moms as when Isla's teachers pulled back the curtains revealing all us parents sitting there. Above was Isla, all excited to see me. And, in keeping with family tradition, Isla did NOT sing at all during the performance. She mostly started at the other kids singing and would do the hand motions from time to time. Of course, she has been singing the songs like crazy ever since! 

After the performance, we ate a light lunch. Isla was very proud of the turkey craft she made and kept talking about it being in a pumpkin. She also kept putting her hand up to her turkey hand print that was on her placemat craft. When it was time to go, one of Isla's teachers came and sat with her while I left.

On to Connor's class...this boy is such a ham. He was practicing the song hand motions and making funny faces before the performance even started. And in this above shot, he pointed right at me while "singing". He didn't actually sing during the performance, but he did do all the hand motions and that is a HUGE improvement from last year...when he would just stand around and try to distract the other kids that were actually singing.

Just like in Isla's class, Connor's class had a meal. Except Connor's class had a full on thanksgiving feast, complete with pumpkin pie! His class drew pictures of their families (below). I asked Connor who was who and he quickly explained to me that he is the big person eating the rest of us. Awesome. This guy certainly isn't lacking imagination or personality!

I had a lot of fun getting to do something special with each kid for their thanksgiving parties. It is fun watching them in the school setting and seeing how they respond to everyone and everything around them. And these two little buckets of energy are at the top of my list of thankfulness. I feel so blessed to have them and love them so much.

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  1. Gosh, you have two ADORABLE kiddos! What a cute picture capturing Isla's excitement. BAHAHAHA I love Connor's picture.


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