Connor is Five

At exactly 4:18 this morning, the boy who will always have the privilege of saying he made me a mom turned five. He makes life feel like it is passing far too quickly for my liking. Yet, at the same time, he makes me feel like a kid again...having tickle fights, chasing each other around the house and building legos. This boy of mine has an intricate mind that wants to know exactly how everything works. He would survive on a diet of junk food and milk if I let him. And, being the social guy that he is, he would spend all his waking hours with his friends playing bad guys...but, you know, this mama needs her mama cuddles still too.

Connor, I can't imagine my life, our family, without you. You bring such joy and adventure to my life. Keep on being you. And enjoy us loving and celebrating YOU today.

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  1. Happy birthday connor :) <3 I hope you have the best day ever sweet boy ^^

  2. + hope you like it <3 :)

  3. Happy Birthday Connor!!! It's been such fun to watch you grow these past five years. And congrats Mama on making it ti year 5 with so much joy - it's a big milestone for both of you!


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