Connor, the Bodybuilder

I was sitting in Isla's rocker yesterday, on a lazy Thursday morning...the type of mornings that don't happen enough anymore. They have just become too few and far between. Isla was on my lap. I was reading to her. Connor was supposed to be getting himself dressed for the day. He appeared in the doorway, shirtless, and started flexing his muscles and making the funniest of faces. I told him to hold on and ran for the camera. Then, I just let him do his thing and took pictures of it going down. I don't know where he learned these poses from. It's not like we have ever watched a body builder competition. Maybe it's just one of those things little boys know. Either way, it was hilarious.

This kid cracks me up. Like when we were at the doctor for his five year check up (WHAT?! FIVE YEARS!!!) and he declares that he wants to be a "shot doctor" when he grows up and "give kids really big shots". This kid, I tell ya, he certainly doesn't lack personality. And he always keeps me on my toes. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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