Connor Got a Bike

Connor got a "big kid" bike this weekend. Also known as, a bike with pedals. My in-law's got it for him for his birthday...he is turning FIVE this weekend. I still can't believe I have been doing this whole mom gig for five years already.

We started Connor out with a balance bike and it has been great. We got it for him for his third birthday and as soon as he learned to use it, he rode it like a champ. His preschool class this year has tricycles. I felt like a total failure when I realized that my kid couldn't petal. He could ride a balance bike like a champ, but couldn't petal to save his life. Over the past two months he has gotten better, but it still took him a bit in the bike shop to get the hang of things. And really, we weren't planning on using training wheels, because that is supposed to be the magic of balance bikes. But, they had them on all the kid bikes at the store and he was having such a great time riding around...

I would like to say that we will get those training wheels off quickly, but who really knows. I am just happy that my kid has mastered turing without tipping the bike over every time. Oh, and I am totally proud of him for getting up and trying over and over again, even though he fell the first MANY turns he attempted.

Now to teach Isla the balance bike...

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  1. Good job, Connor!

    I'm pretty sure Tay has no idea how to pedal either. One of those things I should get on, eh?

  2. I'm sure you've heard it again and again but if Connor is good on a balance bike you will be shocked how quickly he will ride without training wheels. Landon wanted his training wheels on his big kid bike at first, but a week later he saw an older friend riding without training wheels and he asked for us to take his off (peer pressure!) and he rode easily the very first time he tried! It was insane. That being said if they're having fun on their bikes (training wheels or not) that's all the really matters!!


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