Isla's First Haircut

^^ This is actually an after picture. 

Isla had her first haircut yesterday. It was such a different experience that any of Connor's haircuts. Isla acted like a seasoned pro and loved the attention that was lavished on her. She even had conversations with her hairdresser. The part that really caught me off guard is that she was totally ok with having her hair blow dried. Girlfriend will barely let me get her hair in a ponytail half the time! I was so proud of her, yet a little taken aback by how grown up she seemed.

And sorry, not sorry, about all the pictures. Isla just looked so dang cute. I still can't get over the adorableness.

 ^^ The first cut. 

All in all, Isla had about three inches taken off. She still has some of the baby layers left (it would have to be about shoulder length to not have any layers). But at least now her hair is all healthy. And now it has truly been proven that she is ALL GIRL and loves being pampered on at the salon. I am equally smitten with this and nervous for her teenage years. 

In case you care, here is the post from when Connor got his first 7 months old. 

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  1. And I bet the stylists at the salon were all raving about her gorgeous mane of hair! Looking beautiful as always Isla!


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