Second Annual Christmas Card Challenge

It's no secret that I love Christmas cards. I send them out every year, no matter what. There have been times I got them in the mail only a couple days before Christmas, but they still got out! Over the years I have noticed the amount of cards we receive is directly related to the amount I send out. I send out a lot. Thus, we get a lot. It is like a party in my mail box during the month of December and I love it.

Last year I decided to do a Christmas card challenge. I am doing it again this year, but upping the anti. This year a $20 Starbucks card is at stake. I decided to stick with the same categories I did last year:

  • First card to arrive
  • Best handwritten note
  • Best photo(s)
  • Best update
  • Best overall
Once I choose a winner from each category...actually the first to arrive category is all about how punctual someone is...I will draw a name from those five people and that will be the winner of the $20 Starbucks card. 

If you want to join in the fun, but don't have my address, feel free to email me at jgrimbleby(at) and I will provide you with an address to send it to. And be sure to check out last years winners for some inspiration. 

And, just in case you doubted how into Christmas cards I am, I actually picked ours out in October. But, I wait to order them until Thanksgiving weekend because there are always insane card sales that weekend. I told you I am way into Christmas cards...maybe too much

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  1. I LOVE getting Christmas cards too! Unfortunately I know I'm not in the running to win the Starbucks card because I never get out photos even taken until Thanksgiving BUT I'm still going for victory in one of those other categories. :)


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