I Have a Confession

I HATE playdoh. Like with a passion. I loathe the stuff. It is just so messy. It gets everywhere and is such a pain in the butt to clean up. Because of this, we never have it in the house. Ever. Last year, Connor got some in his stocking and I made it stay at my inlaw's house.

There has been a playdoh set hiding in our house for a year and a half because I have never wanted to get it out. The other day was just one of those days and I needed something to save it. For some reason, I got out the playdoh. The kids LOVED it. Connor sat there for an hour and a half and just played with it. He was so entertained. Of course, it practically took me as long to clean it all up. That night, he begged to play with it again. I waited until the next day and set it up outside and let the kids go to town. It was still super messy, but at least the mess was all over the porch and not my dining room table.

I'm not sure I would say I have a love-hate relationship with playdoh yet. The love part just still isn't there. But, watching my kids, Connor especially, love something so much, does maybe...possibly...open the window for me to allow playdoh in my house...every once in a while...maybe once a year.

And, please, someone tell me, am I supposed to spell it playdoh or playdough? I get that the brand is playdoh, but it just looks better as playdough. It reminds me of the whole kleenex or tissue thing...

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