Fashion on the Fifteenth

I know, it's the seventeenth, but you the seventeenth it is. I am so happy that it is finally fall-ish weather around here. Really, that just means I can get away with wearing jeans/pants every day and not regretting the decision by the middle of the day. But, I will take what I can get!

Every time the season changes, I get excited to change my wardrobe as well. I was getting so tired of wearing the same ole shorts over and over. And I know, come spring, I will be so ready to get those shorts on again! But, at the moment, I am happy for our fall-ish temps and being able to change up the wardrobe a bit.

Top: Old Navy (thrifted)
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Old Navy

Besides getting to change up what I have have been wearing...because it feels like I have been wearing summer clothes for the past two friends and I found this amazing thrift store that carries amazing women's clothes. I scored some great pieces for this fall and winter, the top I am wearing being one of them. Since I love a great deal, there is something exhilarating about finding clothes I love at really cheap, then I don't have to feel as bad when my kids rub their spaghetti sauce hands on my shirt, because why would they use a napkin when they can use their ole mom's clothes?!?

So there you have it. Yea for fall and fall clothing. What are your favorite fall clothing pieces?

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  1. Lurve that sweater. Something I would totally pick out!

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