Connor {2 Years}

Weight: 27lbs
Height: 33.5 inches
Says several words...too many to count
Has strung two words together a couple times
Starting to play with kids, rather than along side of them
Recognizes places (like Ian's work) when we are out and about
Foods - cheese, bananas, apples, corn, spaghetti
Trains, trains and more trains, or "choo-choos" as he calls them
Climbing on everything
Dad, Uncle, and Papa
(Apparently the women in his life don't rate high!)

I can hardly believe that my baby boy is two. Two years old. That doesn't sound very babyish. My little man is growing up on me. Fast. It seems like just yesterday he was born...okay, it really doesn't seem like yesterday, but you get the picture.

Size-wise, Connor is still a little guy with a huge head. He has to hold all that smartness in somewhere!

Connor has a serious obsession with "choo-choos". He wants to play with trains from the moment he gets up until the moment he goes to bed. He likes to take one or two with him when we leave the house. He would probably take all of them with him if I let him! And its not just playing with trains that Connor likes. He also likes train books and watching trains (Thomas the Tank Engine) on TV.

TV is a relatively new development for Connor. Until recently, it hasn't existed in his life. But, I have been allowing him to watch Thomas the Tank Engine. But even at that, I only let him watch it once a day. I don't want TV to become a huge fixture in his life. He tries for more though. Many times a day, he points at the TV and says "choo-choo", but his adorableness doesn't work on me! Well, in terms of TV time anyway.

In terms of talking, Connor has added many words to his vocabulary. Though, he doesn't always understand the exact meaning of the word. For instance, I am pretty sure he thinks "zizza" (pizza) is the word for all food, rather than just pizza. But it is cute to hear him say it all the time.

Connor is a very active little guy. People tell me all the time I am going to have to watch out for him as he grows up. And I have also heard numerous times, "he is just like your brothers." My brothers have broken many bones over the years, so I am thinking it is wise that we always invest in good heath insurance! All joking aside, Connor is quite the dare devil. He climbs everything in sight. Seriously. I caught him scaling the kitchen kitchen cabinets the other day. It amazes me. Connor also likes to climb onto things, then spin around, thus falling off high surfaces. Crazy guy!

As I have said on here before, Connor is obsessed in love with his "sissy". For the most part, he is gentle with her. But, I always have to watch out for when the orneriness comes out. He loves holding her. And he doesn't care how much she screams, he doesn't want us to take her away from him. Connor has even got to take a couple baths with Isla, which he loves. He just doesn't love it when I take her out. It really is cute (and makes my heart happy) how much he likes her.


  1. Boys and trains!! Happy Birthday to your little big guy!! So exciting watching them grow!!

  2. What a smiley, adorable, BIG boy! Happy birthday Connor!


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