The US Capitol Christmas Tree

The US Capitol Christmas Tree stopped in Modesto today on its way to Washington DC. I am going to ignore the fact that a 118 year old tree was cut down and focus on my going to see it.

Thinking this was a momentous occasion, I used all my effort getting myself and the kids ready and out of the house to go see the Christmas tree. When I got there, I noticed three semis parked in a row and saw no tree. I thought that maybe they had yet to unveil the tree. I soon found out that I drug myself and my kids down to see a semi...with a Christmas tree inside of it. So, we didn't exactly get to see the tree.

But, we did get to sign the side of the truck that contained the tree. I know. I know. You are jealous. To make your jealousy even worse, I read that these signatures are California's Christmas gift. Christmas gift to who? I have no clue, but I think to the rest of America. Wow. Your Christmas shopping is done America. You get signatures from the people of California. Isn't that all anyone has ever wanted?!?

In the end, I felt a little let down that I drug my children out of the house to stare at some big trucks. Of course, I did give America a present...that wonderful note I wrote. You're welcome!


  1. So, I can't believe they are PUBLICIZING a "tour" of the Christmas tree if it's just in a semi. I totally would have gone out too... I don't blame you. Obviously expecting it to be more than that is not abnormal!
    And thank you for the lovely Christmas gift, it's my first this year ;)

  2. Woah, so glad that note is there! I was worried I wasn't going to get anything from you. ;)


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