Awkward/Awesome {four}

Awesome: A guy striking up a conversation with me because we both graduated from the same school...I was wearing our school's sweatshirt
Awkward: Him asking what I do for a living
Awesome: Him saying "Oh yeah!" and giving me a high five when I told him I was a stay at home mom
Awkward: Him saying he wouldn't have talked to me if my sweatshirt said Cal Poly Pomona (I went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)
Awesome: Me feeling the exact same way about Cal Poly Pomona

Awesome: Borrowing people's newer-than-mine vehicles
Awesome & Awkward: Realizing how easy it is to speed in newer vehicles because I can't "feel" my speed

Awesome: Listening to the radio
Awkward: The DJ saying (on a Sunday) "You better get your ass to church". Uh, can you cuss when talking about church?

Awkward (or just plain miserable): Being out of the house before the sun is up
Awesome: Watching a beautiful sunrise

Awesome: Taking Connor with me to the train station to drop my mom off so he could see a real "choo, choo"
Awkward: The train being delayed by an hour
Awesome: Connor and I running to pick up Ian and Isla and Starbucks and still making it back in time to watch the train
Awkward: Connor caring more about the moving train than saying bye to his grandma

Awesome: I realized the other day I can bend over again without any-freaking-pain (or discomfort). Oh yeah! The ginormious belly is gone!

Awkward: Isla poops pretty much every time we change her...while we are changing her.
Awesome: Watching her do it when someone else is changing her. Moo-ha-ha!!! Makes me laugh. Huge laughter.

Awesome: I took the kids for a walk
Awkward: A guy in a truck yelled at me, "Want another one?"
Awesome: I resisted the temptation to flip him off

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  1. Hey, way to resist the temptation. That is freaking awesome!


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