Date Night with the Hubby

Tonight was a big night for us. We went out for coffee without either of our kids. It was the first time we have left Isla with anyone. In case you are wondering, I have attachment issues with my kids. The only time Connor has been away from both of us overnight was when we had Isla. But back to the date night. We ran over to Starbucks for some adult time and it was bliss. Just sitting there calmly talking. Not having to think about entertaining little people. Or glancing over at them every five seconds. Just looking at my husband and talking. Bliss. Pure bliss. I am thinking we will have to do this more often. Of course, I will have to get over my attachment issues first. But for now I will just think about my blissful coffee date with the husband. 

**Did I say bliss enough in this post?!? The bliss is kind of out of control!


  1. Maybe all the bliss will compel you to make it happen more often. :)

  2. You're all blissed out. ;)

    And I agree with 'e' - hopefully this will motivate you to get out with Ian more! It'll only be good for your marriage, to connect as adults, and dare I say, lovers, instead of just parents.


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