Nap Time is For...


We all act like its out kids who need naps, but really it is us moms that need that nap time. It is my time to recharge. To take some time for me. Be it sleep because I had an awful night the night before...gosh, I don't know why I wake up so many times at night! Come on Isla, sleep a little for mama. Or just recharging my batteries by connecting with the outside world. Reading the newspaper (I so love holding a real newspaper in my hands). Checking up on my blogger friends. Or just browsing online. That alone time really helps. It keeps me sane.

Before Isla was born, one of my friends gave me some advice. She told me to get my kids on the same nap schedule as soon as possible. And I now understand why. I NEED alone time. I need time to myself so I can be the best mom possible to my kids. And lets face it, I need time to clean the house a little so I am not ashamed when I have to open my front door to someone.

Nap time is bliss. But at the same time, there is just something about Connor waking up from his naps that makes my heart smile. He is in the best mood and always ready to play. And Isla, well she just wakes up hungry!

This is what happened right after Connor got up from his nap yesterday. He went and cuddled with his sissy!  Melts my heart.

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