I love how bundled up we are in this picture.  It was 80 yesterday and not long after we took this picture, both Connor and I were shedding layers. We only put a onesie one under his costume, but he still got too hot. With his costume still on, we sent him into a bounce house to play. Combine the heat with all the jostling. Not a winning combination. He ended up pooping all over his costume...Ian thinks the bouncing made it all come out! But hey, we got cute pictures before that happened and that's all that really matters!

In case you couldn't tell, Connor was a monkey. There was a fake banana attached to his costume. He tried to eat it.

Ian and I tried to carve pumpkins. I generally fail at this task. I tried doing an owl, but pretty much cut the whole front off my pumpkin. Oh well. So people would know it was an owl, I wrote "hoot, hoot" on the side of the pumpkin. Why didn't I carve that in? Because it wouldn't have turned out! Trust me. And Ian's pumpkin? It is a face holding its hands up by its mouth, like it's scared.

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