Halloween was an insanely busy day for us. Like nonstop. It was all fun, but it was still crazy. It started with the kids halloween parade at school in the morning. Above is them all dressed up and ready for school. Isla decided the day before halloween that she didn't want to be a mermaid, the costume she had picked out at the store, but would instead use her witch costume from last year. I tried for a second to change her mind, but really didn't care. But now I have a costume with the tags still on it that I don't know what to do with. Oh well. Moving on. 

The halloween parade at school is slightly chaotic because the whole school participates in it at the same time. Isla gets really excited to see us when she is walking in it though, and I totally love that. Connor is more reserved, but still smiles and waves at us. After the parade, I went straight to Isla's class for her class party. I led the bingo station and must say I did quite the good job ;) Then I had a little break between parties to run to Target and pick up candy for the trick or treaters...nothing like waiting until the last minute, right?! Then back to the school for Connor's party. His was less party and more art project with a bunch of food involved. The kid who sits next to him was absent, so I got to sit next to him, which was nice for this pregnant lady because I felt like I did far too much standing up that day. Then it was off to get Callum with 20 minutes to spare before turning back around to get the kids from school. 

Straight after school on Wednesdays Isla has ballet. Since she had been looking forward to costume day at ballet since they announced it a couple weeks ago, I knew we couldn't miss, even though I would have loved a little reprieve in our schedule. She had lots of fun. Then it was home for dinner and wrangling everyone in their costumes to go trick or treating. I literally had to shove Callum in his costume while he screamed hysterically. Then we showed him people give him candy and he gets to put it in his bag and he was totally cool with the situation. 

Trick or treating was a lot of fun. Callum could easily do it this year and would come running back to the street after yelling, "I got candy!!!" He also did a status check of his candy after every house. He was REALLY, REALLY into the candy. He is also the only child that has asked for his candy constantly all day every day since. 

Once we were done trick or treating, we came back home to pass out candy. Well, Connor and Isla excitedly did from our front porch. The 400 pieces of candy I got only lasted about an hour...we get a lot of people coming into our neighborhood. Which really, that was good because we could then turn off the lights and put the kids to bed at a normal time. So, talk about a win! 

^^ I told you she gets excited! 

^^ This was the picture from right before we headed out to go trick or treating. Everyone full of hope and not all crazy yet, haha! 

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