Pumpkin Carving

We carved our pumpkins on Monday evening in what I will say was the most calm and successful pumpkin carving attempt we've ever had. Of course, I do realize that as the kids get older, things like this will just get easier and easier. But, for instance, Connor did pretty much all of his on his own. He cleaned it out, came up with the design and cut out most of the design all on his own. It's Darth Vader, in case you are wondering. Now, Isla's creation, though successful, wasn't without a few bumps in the road. She wanted to do a cat and drew on what she wanted. The problem was, there would be no space for light to come through anywhere except the nose. I convinced her to make the whiskers larger, so light would come through, and after she did the first one, she declared her pumpkin ruined and ran off. I continued to finish the whiskers and she came back just as I was starting on making the nose larger. And that's when she said it actually looked good...haha! She then got back in the spirit and helped with the eyes. So, all was well in the end. Now Callum, he had a zest for anything sharp and I had a great fear that the sharp object in his hand would somehow end up cutting me. We settled on him enjoying himself with a poker and his pumpkin has about 500 micro holes all over it that you cannot see. But when my brother came over on Tuesday, Callum proudly declared to him "I make holes!" so I will call that a win. 

Now for a bunch of photos of the actual pumpkin carving. 

^^ I tried getting Callum to hold the pumpkin piece up to his mouth, but all he was actually doing was biting the back!

^^ He kept going back for more, so it must not have tasted bad. 

^^ If you look close, you can see her original drawing that she wanted to do. 

^^ Happier now that the cat pumpkin is back on track.

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