Pumpkin Love

We went and picked out pumpkins yesterday. I really just wanted to get some to decorate our front porch and mantle, but was surprised the kids were excited to pick some out as well. Connor and Isla each picked out a pumpkin for carving and we picked one out for Callum as well. Of course, they wanted to carve them yesterday and were a bit bummed when I explained we have to wait a couple weeks because otherwise the pumpkins will go bad before halloween. 

Isla spent a bunch of time selecting the perfect little white pumpkins to make a snowman out of and has been obsessed with it ever since...including showering with it last night and asking that we make clothes for each of the little pumpkins! It was a quick and easy trip. One in which Callum quickly lost interest in the pumpkins and instead wanted to explore the farm...check out the tractors and look at the animals. But this was an actual farm, just with a pumpkin stand set up on the side of the road, so not exactly the perfect spot for Callum to just run free, but he still had fun and the farmer was nice enough to let him drive her gator. 

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