A Lost Tooth at School

^^ Isla is full of her own pose ideas these days and holding up seven fingers was totally her idea. It was cute.

Isla lost her SEVENTH tooth at school yesterday. I remember from my childhood how cool it was to loose a tooth at school, so I was excited for her. She lost it at lunchtime and got to go to the office to get a tooth necklace to store it in and everything. She was VERY EXCITED when I picked her up at school.

Isla spent some time writing the tooth fairy a letter to leave with her tooth. She even included for the tooth fairy to take good care of her tooth. It really was cute and the type of thing I just eat up as a mom. Then, she put it under a pillow at the foot of her bed and was sure to remind me numerous times to tell the tooth fairy...which in her defense, the tooth fairy has forgotten numerous times at our house in the past! Then Connor wanted to play tooth fairy, which was adorable and comical all at the same time. I told him he couldn't wait until she was asleep, but he could write a note for me to place. All on his own, he came up with a rather witty note. He said the tooth fairy was going to leave a million dollars, but was low on cash, so could only leave seven. We leave a dollar for the number of tooth lost (it's her seventh lost tooth, so seven dollars). Then he included that the tooth fairy would take good care of her tooth and a picture of the tooth fairy destroying the tooth...because, after all, he is the older brother!

Isla woke this morning and the first thing she did was look under the pillow at the foot of her bed. She found the money and the note and was super excited. It was all very cute.

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