About a week or so ago we had this weird substance fall from the sky. It would have really puzzled us had we not encountered the same stuff on our vacation this past summer. Because, you see, it really just doesn't rain enough here in Modesto...which is obviously the reason California is perpetually in a drought! 

Well, my kids were pretty dang excited for the couple hours of rain we got. They instantly ran into the backyard to play. In fact, Callum played for so long, we finally had to drag him in for dinner. But they, Callum especially, had oh so much fun running and biking around in the rain. 

I personally enjoy rain myself and wish we got more of it. When we do get it, it usually just lasts for a couple hours. And I feel totally jipped when it only rains at night and I miss the whole thing. I enjoy being able to cuddle up at home during a dreary day, then bundling up in our gear when we have to go out somewhere in it. My poor wellies sit sadly in my closet much of the year, completely unused. 

But for a couple hours on a day in October, we had rain. Hopefully it won't let months and months pass again before it makes an appearance. 

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