Crazy Hair Day

^^ A true representation of how my children feel about pictures, Connor being goofy and Isla doing her signature pose. 

Usually I don't really do anything for dress up days at the kids school. Sure I will try to find the necessary items around the house, but I don't get into it like some other parents and go out and buy things for the occasion. I would like to say that it's because I don't have the time or energy, but really it's because I don't have the will. #truth Anyway, the kids had crazy hair day on Tuesday. I thought they would think it was cool to spray a color in their hair and I was totally right. I took Isla to the store on Monday night and she picked out light blue and glitter hair spray, which worked out, as Connor said he wanted light blue. Isla wanted pigtails and a braid, so that is what she has, though you really can't tell from the pictures. Connor went with a mohawk to go with his blue hair. The funny part was he had me spray Isla's hair first before committing to if he really wanted me to spray his hair. Haha! Smart kid. But he went for it. It was also crazy socks day, hence Connor's socks. 

I have to say, the money I spent on the hair color really was worth it because the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. Connor even asked if he could leave it in for the next day, but 1. his hair was destroyed at the end of the day and 2. I told him I am pretty sure it is against the school rules to come with crazy colored hair every day...or at least it was when I was a kid. But things have changed since then, so who really knows. 

I'm glad they had fun and I'm even more glad the hair color ended up being really easy to wash out. 

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