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Isla's class published a book of short stories. Each kid in the class got to write a short story and draw a picture to go along with it. The stories were to be about visiting another country. Isla chose Japan, which is no surprise. She has been obsessed with Japan for a couple years now. It started with the colorful outfits and hair colors she saw. But ever since then, she has talked of visiting and even moving there some day. My favorite part of her story might have been her using a rainbow to get back home. I LOVE kids imaginations. 

Everyone in Isla's class had submit a picture for the cover of the book, then the class voted on a winner. Isla won. Given class votes haven't gone well in the past for our family (cough, cough, Connor demanding a recount when he lost a contest in first grade), I was a bit nervous about this process. But, she won...so it's all good. Her winning made me glad I decided to order the book! We had to order before the vote, so I paid before even knowing. 

I'm very proud of Isla and I promise she is much more excited about this book than her face shows! She has already read the book to me several times. She also reads a short story, then makes me guess who in her class wrote it. Fun times ;)

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